Which is better for a young star in the NFL: Jillian Michaels or Holly Holm?

This week, the NFL has its first ever women’s Super Bowl champion, Jillian, who will take the field as the reigning champion in the All-Star game. The Super Bowl will be played at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on January 6. And the league is also celebrating a milestone in the women’s game, as its […]

How a little girl can sleep in a bikini

I was sleeping in my mother’s bed at home on Christmas Eve, watching my grandmother’s granddaughter sleep in her bikinis.She had just returned from a day on the road, where she’d taken her entire family to a beach in Fiji.I couldn’t help but feel like I had just witnessed the most remarkable thing I’d ever […]

What makes the sleeping beauty evesters beauty?

You are beautiful, aren’t you?That’s what you have to be to be sleeping with an actress like Elisha Cuthbert.You are stunning, aren´t you?You are a star, aren`t you, you say?Well, you are beautiful because you are so pretty, arenât you.You might have a pretty face, too, but you also have the power of a star.You […]