How to be more beautiful than your friends on Instagram

When you’re posting a picture of your cat, you’re probably going to be seen as cute, sexy, and even handsome.But what if the picture is of a flower, and you just want to remind yourself that you are beautiful?Here’s how to find that “perfect” flower to share with your friends.1.Search for the flower you want […]

Which is the most beautiful actress in porn?

In this installment of TIME’s Most Beautiful Porn Stars of All time, TIME Magazine has voted on which actress is the sexiest in porn.They selected 12 actresses that have starred in over 400 scenes, including a few that made it into the top 20.Here are the 10 finalists:

When the best pornstars get to see the best milfs

When it comes to getting to know a porn star, most women just want to see what their favorite milf would look like, and that’s usually not what they want to find.Now, thanks to a new app called Beautiful Milfs, the most beautiful porn stars in the world will be able to find you the […]

Which flower is the most beautiful?

A poll conducted by the website has revealed which flower is most beautiful.The poll asked respondents which flower they would choose if given the choice of flowers that were either the most attractive or most beautiful in nature.The flower that comes out on top is the pink rose.The most popular flower, the rose of […]