Kara Brooks: ‘It’s like I was born with an ass’

Kara Brooks has spoken about how she is “not a girl” when it comes to being attractive.She said she’s “really, really” like a girl when it came to being seen in public, and while that’s something for which she would never complain, she admits she is more “uncomfortable” with being considered attractive than “other girls”.In […]

How to make a stunning wallpaper and wallpaper album in 5 easy steps

You’ve probably noticed how beautiful your home is in the mornings.Maybe you love how it looks when you wake up, and how you can just look out the window to the beautiful scenery that surrounds you.The best part?You can do this in no time at all!You’ll get to create your own beautiful wallpaper that is […]

French beauty queens face an uphill battle to win a French beauty pageant

Axios/Twitter/Associated PressBeauty queens are scrambling to secure visas in France to participate in the French beauty contest, with one winner who recently relocated to the country facing an uphill climb to enter the show.The pageant, the world’s oldest beauty pageant, has faced a slew of challenges over the years, from the Parisian government refusing to […]

Which beauty school graduate is the happiest?

The happiest people in America have never been married, according to a new study.But the happiest people are also the most likely to be unemployed, and the happiest are the most politically engaged.A recent study of the nation’s happiest people by Gallup found that people with a bachelor’s degree or higher, in particular, have the […]

Kat Von D launches beauty box that caters to ‘curious and adventurous’ readers

Kat Von E has launched a beauty box to caters “curious, adventurous, and adventurous” women.It will be launched in the coming weeks in the US, UK, Ireland, and New Zealand, with an aim to appeal to “a wide range of people”, the German brand said in a statement.“We are confident that this new line of […]