French beauty queens face an uphill battle to win a French beauty pageant

Axios/Twitter/Associated PressBeauty queens are scrambling to secure visas in France to participate in the French beauty contest, with one winner who recently relocated to the country facing an uphill climb to enter the show.The pageant, the world’s oldest beauty pageant, has faced a slew of challenges over the years, from the Parisian government refusing to […]

How to get your breasts bigger in 2018

A natural beauty trend in 2018 has the internet buzzing with articles about how to achieve larger and better breasts.From big natural boobs, to extra boobies, to a bikini body, the natural beauty industry is a lot of fun to read about.Here are the most popular articles we’ve seen about breasts and breasts, with some […]

What are the most beautiful women in Canada?

Beautiful names, beautiful women, and beautiful names in Canada.These are some of the top-selling books of 2017.The title of this article is a little confusing, but you will find the answer.If you want to know the most popular books in Canada, click here.Beautiful names: Beauty Max: The Most Beautiful Names in Canada: Beautiful women are […]