When I had my legs ripped off by a stranger: Jenny’s beauty supplies

The beauty supply business has always been a tough business to get your hands on, but with so many of the products being sold on eBay it’s easy to overlook that you’re just another commodity in a global marketplace.But this has changed.Just last week, Jenny’s Beauty Supply introduced its newest product, a line of beauty […]

How To Use the Lunar Beauty Supply Catalog to Get the Most out of Your Luxury Beauty Kit

I was a little bit nervous about purchasing my first Moon Luxury Luxury Cosmetics Beauty Kit, because I had never actually purchased a kit before.I knew that there was a lot of hype around the products, but I was also curious to see how it all went.So I went to a beauty supply store to […]

Why you should stop buying your cosmetics at joejenner cosmetics store

A lot of people think joejaners beauty supply is a beautiful way to save money, but you don’t have to go all out to save on your cosmetics.Here’s why.When you go to joejans beauty supply store in Singapore, you’ll see a lot of bright, cheerful pink-and-purple shades, but there are also some dark and muted […]