How to be beautiful for everyone else

I’m a writer and a blogger.I’m also a social media manager and a professional photographer.I love the outdoors.And I also love to spend time with people.I just love talking about the world around me and seeing it through their eyes.That’s why I wrote and shared this post, “What to do when you don’t have time […]

The perfect night for redheads: Redheads in the spotlight as we celebrate beauty in 2011

By Kate BrowningRead moreThe beauty industry has a long history of portraying women as helpless victims of societal sexism. But the new documentary Redheads is changing that.Redheads: The Beautiful Redhead (directed by Kate Brown, who also wrote the book on redheads) is about the beauty industry’s portrayal of women. The film, which has been screening at cinemas […]

What do we know about the ‘beautiful girls’ in the world of porn?

By now you probably know that the majority of people who watch porn are women, and that a majority of those women watch it for the same reason: to satisfy their fantasies.The women who do watch porn for the sole purpose of having sex with their boyfriends and boyfriends with other women are, in a […]

How to get the best out of your beauty supply

What is the beauty supply?A beauty supply is a collection of products designed to give a product the best possible outcome.They range from high-end cosmetics to the basics, like body wash, lotion, moisturiser and nail polish.How does it work?Beauty supply companies typically buy online from retailers, where they buy the products for their customers, rather […]