The perfect day to take your love of flowers to the next level

By now, you’ve probably been exposed to flower arrangements on Instagram and Pinterest.Now that’s what I call a hit.With so many options out there, why not start out by making your own?In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through making your very own floral arrangements and then share them with the world.Let’s get started!Step 1: The […]

What a beautiful black girl is wearing in the latest fashion trends

Beauty can be complicated.And it’s not always about the perfect shade of lipstick, color or foundation.It can be about the way you feel when you step out in public, whether you’re a fan of the new Beyoncé or the latest Taylor Swift, and the way people react to you in real life.The beauty trend that […]

Which flower is the most beautiful?

A poll conducted by the website has revealed which flower is most beautiful.The poll asked respondents which flower they would choose if given the choice of flowers that were either the most attractive or most beautiful in nature.The flower that comes out on top is the pink rose.The most popular flower, the rose of […]