When You Need a Beauty Bar in Your Town

You want to know what’s happening in your local beauty market?Here’s what you need to know to make that a reality. Beauty Bar  by  Dana Coker and  Kylie Saldana  is available for pre-order at  Amazon.com and  Barnes & Noble.It is a beautiful book with some of the most inspiring and interesting ideas on the face of […]

Which are the best beauty products for girls?

A little girl in Florida is on a mission to find the best products for her body and face.Fenty Beauty, owned by L’Oreal and NARS, is famous for its line of beauty products, and the company’s newest beauty line, Fenty Beauty Deluxe, is a $45-per-piece subscription-only beauty subscription.But some of the products are a little […]

Beauty and the Beast and the Black Beauty 1994: How the Film Changed the World

The first of two films based on the popular children’s book was released in 1994.The story revolves around a Black Beauty named Fiona who lives with her sister in an English town.In the book, Fiona is an ordinary little girl who becomes a beautiful and successful witch when her parents, who are both witches, marry […]

This is the perfect way to spend your day

LONDON —  An international cosmetics and beauty company that sells a range of products including makeup, hair and body care is getting a new partner in the UK.A new partnership has been announced between LUSH and Lush Beauty, an agency that sells luxury beauty products for both men and women, according to The Independent.It is […]

When it comes to fenty, there are some really interesting cryptocurrency alternatives

The fenty Beauty cosmetics line launched in January 2017.The first item on the line is a foundation, which comes in a full-size jar that comes with a tube of powder.I used to get my foundation from Target, but Fenty Beauty doesn’t carry it anymore.Instead, they sell their foundation in the same packaging as the powder.The […]

#FreeFentyBeauty is #1 trending in the UK, but why is it such a pain to navigate?

Beauty blogger and beauty influencer Katie Kline is on a mission to bring the latest fashions to the masses.She’s been featured on Glamour, Glamor, Vogue, Marie Claire and The New York Times. Now, she’s back with a brand new video on the website. “Fenty Beauty is #2 trending in my country,” Kline says in the video, which […]