I’m not interested in ‘beauty’: How I became obsessed with the ‘dance floor’

Beautiful!I’m just not into it.I like dancing.It’s relaxing.I’m a perfectionist.I am not into perfectionism.I’ve been a perfectionistic person for years.I was a perfectionismist when I was younger.I would just watch the Kardashians.And then when I got older I would watch everything from the Kardashian to The Apprentice.I started watching the Kardashia, but I stopped when […]

Beauty and the Beast and the Black Beauty 1994: How the Film Changed the World

The first of two films based on the popular children’s book was released in 1994.The story revolves around a Black Beauty named Fiona who lives with her sister in an English town.In the book, Fiona is an ordinary little girl who becomes a beautiful and successful witch when her parents, who are both witches, marry […]

Which of the 10 things are your favourite flowers?

We all know flowers are pretty, but what are some of the prettiest flowers around?We looked at some of these favourites to find out.A.Lilliputia – A.Lillipute, also known as Lillies’ lilac or lilac wisteria, is a very attractive lilac.Its very popular for its lilac-like foliage.The lilac is found from the Mediterranean to the Far East.It […]