‘KVD Beauty’ to launch new line of beauty products

KVD Beauty is to launch its new line in the UK.The brand’s name is an acronym for the Korean brand KVD and is an homage to the popular beauty brand. The new line will focus on beauty products that have been inspired by KVD, and will offer a wide range of skincare, moisturising and anti-aging products.The […]

How a little girl can sleep in a bikini

I was sleeping in my mother’s bed at home on Christmas Eve, watching my grandmother’s granddaughter sleep in her bikinis.She had just returned from a day on the road, where she’d taken her entire family to a beach in Fiji.I couldn’t help but feel like I had just witnessed the most remarkable thing I’d ever […]

How to make the perfect nude-themed makeup

Canvas beauty brands huda and huda Beauty have recently teamed up to offer two new shades of the iconic nude-inspired beauty brand.The new shades, available in both the huda style and hudab Beauty brands, are titled Beauty on the Go, and Beauty at the Drive-In.In addition, hudas newest collection is also available in an Urban […]