Suva Beauty: A Guide for the Beauty World

The beauty world is in crisis, but it’s not just because of a lack of attention to the latest beauty trends.A new report from the International Society for the Study of Cosmetic Dermatology shows that the number of cosmetic professionals in the world has dropped by one-fifth since the 1970s.“We know that we can do […]

What you need to know about happy birthday beauty world

A world full of happy memories is a gift that can be shared with others, and there are lots of ways to do it.But what about when it comes to happy birthday, or other holidays?Happy birthday is a special day in the lives of many people around the world, and while there are different celebrations […]

How to Create a New Color: ‘Red’ for Red Heart

You’ve probably heard of the color red.It’s a beautiful hue that has been used in many different ways to represent beauty.It can be used to express affection or love.It is often used in poetry, and is also used to represent death.It was once used as a symbol of mourning in a way that can be […]

How do you look like a badass Black woman?

A new study from the University of Missouri-Columbia shows that the beauty world has a way of putting women of color in a box.A study of beauty pageants, which have become a key component of the beauty industry in recent years, showed that while Black women were represented in the top three slots, their numbers […]