Dragun beauty and drag master drag the city to its highest rating ever

Dragun Beauty and Dragun Master drag the Toronto area to its lowest rating ever.The rating is down by 0.5 per cent from July 2016.It’s down from the previous lowest score recorded in January, 2016, which was 0.7 per cent.Toronto is the highest-rated city in Canada for its drag queens, but it’s not the only city.Here […]

‘Beautiful anime’ wallpaper makes me want to punch a guy in the face, says creator of anime wallpaper

I can’t imagine it’s going to be long before someone creates an anime wallpaper for every person in the world, and theres a good chance I will get one.But when it comes to making anime wallpaper theres one artist who’s been at it since the beginning: “beautiful anime” creator Shouta Kikuchi. Her stunning wallpaper for the […]

The ‘fourth ray’ beauty empire has hit a wall, and it’s up to you to save it

A beauty empire, known as the fourth ray, has been in trouble for a few years.The company has been bought by the US-based cosmetics giant, Sephora, for a reported $2.5bn.But it hasn’t been easy to stay afloat.Here are some tips to help you navigate this new reality.Read more first ray beauty beauty, beauty master, beauty […]

Which beauty school graduate is the happiest?

The happiest people in America have never been married, according to a new study.But the happiest people are also the most likely to be unemployed, and the happiest are the most politically engaged.A recent study of the nation’s happiest people by Gallup found that people with a bachelor’s degree or higher, in particular, have the […]