How to Buy a Beauty Supplies Kit for $10 and Get the Best of Sally Beauty

The best way to save money and stay on top of the latest beauty trends is to start with a curated list of quality beauty supplies that will last for years.So when Sally Beauty Supply founder Jillian Michaels announced her upcoming “sally supply kit” in June, we knew it would be a must-have.The Sally Beauty […]

Maleficent star Kate Winslet opens up about being bullied for being white and having a white mother

Kate Winslett, who has appeared in several films starring Maleficient stars, has opened up about the challenges of being bullied and the backlash she has received for being a white woman.Speaking to BBC Newsnight, Winslet, who starred as Maleficent in the blockbuster film, said that her experience of bullying at school was a “distraction” but […]