The Beauty of Being Asian

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How to make your first Indian wedding day look like a traditional one

It’s a common refrain: “If you love India, don’t be afraid to take it for granted.”But is it true?This year, for many of us, the answer is no.If you want to make a first wedding day special, it’s better to celebrate your first one in a traditional way.Here are some tips for making your first […]

How to Get Rid of Your Dullness: What to Do for Dullness

A few days ago, my partner and I were walking around London in our favourite pink-and-purple-striped summer dress.The sky was the perfect colour for the sunsets, and we could see every direction, but as the sky grew darker and darker, we began to feel the effects of the flu.It felt like the flu was taking […]

How a little girl can sleep in a bikini

I was sleeping in my mother’s bed at home on Christmas Eve, watching my grandmother’s granddaughter sleep in her bikinis.She had just returned from a day on the road, where she’d taken her entire family to a beach in Fiji.I couldn’t help but feel like I had just witnessed the most remarkable thing I’d ever […]

What do we know about the ‘beautiful girls’ in the world of porn?

By now you probably know that the majority of people who watch porn are women, and that a majority of those women watch it for the same reason: to satisfy their fantasies.The women who do watch porn for the sole purpose of having sex with their boyfriends and boyfriends with other women are, in a […]

What makes the sleeping beauty evesters beauty?

You are beautiful, aren’t you?That’s what you have to be to be sleeping with an actress like Elisha Cuthbert.You are stunning, aren´t you?You are a star, aren`t you, you say?Well, you are beautiful because you are so pretty, arenât you.You might have a pretty face, too, but you also have the power of a star.You […]