The #BeautifulRedheadChallenge: ‘I’m not going to be defined by the color of my skin!’

The #beautifulredheadchallenge has been launched by a group of women who want to show the world how women can become more than just beauty queens.The idea behind the project is that beauty queens can use their beauty as a platform to promote a positive message.The #IAmBeautifulChallenge is a hashtag that was started by women on […]

How to tell the difference between two lovely redheads

I was watching some great movies recently and as soon as I saw a couple of redheads in the movie I immediately knew they were the girls I saw in the TV ads.They’re cute and adorable, but that’s not the real deal.You’ll have to trust your eyes to tell if they’re really gorgeous.But I’d bet […]

The perfect night for redheads: Redheads in the spotlight as we celebrate beauty in 2011

By Kate BrowningRead moreThe beauty industry has a long history of portraying women as helpless victims of societal sexism. But the new documentary Redheads is changing that.Redheads: The Beautiful Redhead (directed by Kate Brown, who also wrote the book on redheads) is about the beauty industry’s portrayal of women. The film, which has been screening at cinemas […]