KINGS Beauty Supply offers a ‘love it or hate it’ solution for beauty enthusiasts

KINGS beauty supply has unveiled a range of products designed to make beauty more personalised and affordable for people who are struggling to make ends meet.Key points:The KINGS brand is the world’s largest online retailer of beauty products including cosmetics, skin care and body careThe products range features a range including skin care, hair care, […]

The #BeautifulRedheadChallenge: ‘I’m not going to be defined by the color of my skin!’

The #beautifulredheadchallenge has been launched by a group of women who want to show the world how women can become more than just beauty queens.The idea behind the project is that beauty queens can use their beauty as a platform to promote a positive message.The #IAmBeautifulChallenge is a hashtag that was started by women on […]

When it comes to beauty, beauty brands can’t compete

In the wake of a recent spate of online outrage, beauty brand beauty stores have been scrambling to find new ways to keep their customers happy.The move comes as the number of cosmetics stores in the UK has doubled in recent years, and the number in Europe has more than doubled.However, the beauty brands still […]

Why are some women more beautiful than others?

Beautiful women have a lot to do with their appearance.For example, beautiful women have bigger breasts and bigger lips, but it also comes with a lot of body fat, so that makes them more unattractive to men, according to research published by the American Psychological Association (APA).The research, which looked at body mass index (BMI), […]

Minerva’s stunning win over Uoma

Minerva has become the first team to win three games in a row in their new home stadium and are on a remarkable run after the summer break.The new Minerva Stadium opened on Friday night, and the club have now won five matches in a span of just over two weeks.It all started with a […]

How do you look like a badass Black woman?

A new study from the University of Missouri-Columbia shows that the beauty world has a way of putting women of color in a box.A study of beauty pageants, which have become a key component of the beauty industry in recent years, showed that while Black women were represented in the top three slots, their numbers […]