How to be more attractive in 2018

A lot of people are trying to find their best beauty tips in 2018.We asked them to share their best and worst beauty trends and tricks.The results: “If you’re thinking about getting married, get a haircut,” said Kate Bourgeois, the author of “The Secret to Becoming Your Perfect Match.”“You’ll look great and it’s not just […]

When it comes to beauty, beauty brands can’t compete

In the wake of a recent spate of online outrage, beauty brand beauty stores have been scrambling to find new ways to keep their customers happy.The move comes as the number of cosmetics stores in the UK has doubled in recent years, and the number in Europe has more than doubled.However, the beauty brands still […]

Why is the collateral beauty trend so popular? | NYT

I’m an English teacher and my students love this.I’m the only one who makes it my business to take them on a tour of my school’s collateral beauty shop.Every year, I’m told, there are too many students who don’t want to go to college.And this is because they don’t feel like they can get the […]