French beauty queens face an uphill battle to win a French beauty pageant

Axios/Twitter/Associated PressBeauty queens are scrambling to secure visas in France to participate in the French beauty contest, with one winner who recently relocated to the country facing an uphill climb to enter the show.The pageant, the world’s oldest beauty pageant, has faced a slew of challenges over the years, from the Parisian government refusing to […]

How to find the perfect French beauty look

I’ve always liked the look of French beauty products, and my skin looks really good when I use them.But sometimes the colour and texture of the products really don’t match my skin’s natural texture.This article will show you how to find a look that will really match your skin tone.1.How to buy products with the […]

Beauty Box in Australia has its very own box of ‘perfect’ beauty products

The beauty box has been around for a long time, but its been getting a new lease of life.The latest addition to the Beauty Box concept, called Beauty Box, has its own box that can be used for the first time.It is the latest product to hit the market in Australia, following a $1.9 million […]