Haute Beauty: Haute Huda Beauty Palette: 1) You’ll be able to create your own makeup from a collection of 5,000 products and 2) There are 3,000 color options for your palette, which you can customize to your needs.

Huda is an American makeup brand founded in 2011 by Shihua Huang, who previously founded Sephora.The brand has been making beauty products since 2010, and has grown to become one of the largest beauty brands in the US.It is currently owned by Seph the cosmetics conglomerate.Huda beauty products include a full line of skincare, facial, […]

The perfect night for redheads: Redheads in the spotlight as we celebrate beauty in 2011

By Kate BrowningRead moreThe beauty industry has a long history of portraying women as helpless victims of societal sexism. But the new documentary Redheads is changing that.Redheads: The Beautiful Redhead (directed by Kate Brown, who also wrote the book on redheads) is about the beauty industry’s portrayal of women. The film, which has been screening at cinemas […]