When Suva Beauty Becomes ‘Beautiful Feet’ She’s ‘Beautifully Transformed’

Beautiful feet is the name of the new season of Suva, the new Japanese beauty reality show, and it’s just as beautiful as the title says. Suva Beauty is a show that is set in the same world as Beauty, but in a completely different way, with all the beautiful things that people want in life, […]

How to tell the difference between two lovely redheads

I was watching some great movies recently and as soon as I saw a couple of redheads in the movie I immediately knew they were the girls I saw in the TV ads.They’re cute and adorable, but that’s not the real deal.You’ll have to trust your eyes to tell if they’re really gorgeous.But I’d bet […]

What’s the best sleeping beauty hotel in Spain?

Beautiful in spanias.You can find it at the top of the list.It’s one of the best hotel deals in Spain and the perfect way to stay in one of these beautiful, beautiful resorts. Read more

How to watch the upcoming season of kdramas, dogs, cats and more

By now, you’ve probably seen the announcement that a new series of drama series starring dogs and cats will be premiering on Disney XD this fall. In a way, it’s a relief: The network’s network of original shows (and its sister network, Cartoon Network) has been plagued by the “show business” syndrome, where one of its […]