What a beautiful black girl is wearing in the latest fashion trends

Beauty can be complicated.And it’s not always about the perfect shade of lipstick, color or foundation.It can be about the way you feel when you step out in public, whether you’re a fan of the new Beyoncé or the latest Taylor Swift, and the way people react to you in real life.The beauty trend that […]

5 Reasons To Be Happy With Aurora Sleeping Beauty

If you’re a beautiful black girl who loves black girls and wants to see more of them in the world, you’re going to love this video from YouTube’s Aurora Sleeping Beauties series.The five-minute video features some of the most popular black girls in the history of YouTube—most notably, Black Girl Nerds and a few more.These […]

‘You’re not going to make my life better’ – How to deal with an emotionally abusive boss

A mother in India has said she was forced to “cut her hair short and shave it to keep up with the pressure” as her boss threatened to sack her over unpaid overtime.A group of six employees of an IT firm, including her husband, have been sacked in the latest case of retaliation against the […]

Why ‘beautiful’ girls aren’t being looked at on the streets

A new study shows that girls don’t look good when they walk the streets in India.The researchers found that women walking in Indian cities were less likely to be recognised as beautiful than girls who wore makeup or were not dressed in a certain way.“The most visible form of discrimination against women is through beauty,” […]