How to be beautiful for everyone else

I’m a writer and a blogger.I’m also a social media manager and a professional photographer.I love the outdoors.And I also love to spend time with people.I just love talking about the world around me and seeing it through their eyes.That’s why I wrote and shared this post, “What to do when you don’t have time […]

When Suva Beauty Becomes ‘Beautiful Feet’ She’s ‘Beautifully Transformed’

Beautiful feet is the name of the new season of Suva, the new Japanese beauty reality show, and it’s just as beautiful as the title says. Suva Beauty is a show that is set in the same world as Beauty, but in a completely different way, with all the beautiful things that people want in life, […]

Dragun beauty and drag master drag the city to its highest rating ever

Dragun Beauty and Dragun Master drag the Toronto area to its lowest rating ever.The rating is down by 0.5 per cent from July 2016.It’s down from the previous lowest score recorded in January, 2016, which was 0.7 per cent.Toronto is the highest-rated city in Canada for its drag queens, but it’s not the only city.Here […]

Which of the five biggest starlets is your favourite?

5.Lily Aldridge  Lily Aldrid has been in the limelight in recent months as she’s been in a number of high profile roles.Her character in the film, Beautiful Mermaid, won her a BAFTA award and she’s also been a key performer in the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens.But she’s perhaps best known for her […]

The #BeautifulRedheadChallenge: ‘I’m not going to be defined by the color of my skin!’

The #beautifulredheadchallenge has been launched by a group of women who want to show the world how women can become more than just beauty queens.The idea behind the project is that beauty queens can use their beauty as a platform to promote a positive message.The #IAmBeautifulChallenge is a hashtag that was started by women on […]

How to create beautiful sunrise in a photo

Posted by Hola on January 23, 2019 04:38:47Happy Birthday, Aurora Sleeping Beauty!Your happy birthday is on us, Aurora!Happy birthday to you!Your birthday celebration is going to be a huge part of our lives.Let’s get that party started!Here are some easy steps to get started!First, you need to create a photo of yourself.I am so excited […]

Why the huda makeup palette is the best beauty product

By now you’ve seen that huda’s beauty products are among the best on the market.So, when you see a huda product listed in your Amazon Wish List, you might be wondering if you should buy it.But the hudas beauty palette is a beauty product that makes you feel great, even when you don’t need it.Read […]

Beauty and the Beast and the Black Beauty 1994: How the Film Changed the World

The first of two films based on the popular children’s book was released in 1994.The story revolves around a Black Beauty named Fiona who lives with her sister in an English town.In the book, Fiona is an ordinary little girl who becomes a beautiful and successful witch when her parents, who are both witches, marry […]

Which are the most beautiful nude photos you’ve taken in a day?

Beautiful nude photos are everywhere, but not every nude is the best one.Here’s the list of some of the best, from the most famous to the least so you can decide if they’re worth it. Read more.

What is the Luna Beauty Foundation?

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