Which of the 10 things are your favourite flowers?

We all know flowers are pretty, but what are some of the prettiest flowers around?We looked at some of these favourites to find out.A.Lilliputia – A.Lillipute, also known as Lillies’ lilac or lilac wisteria, is a very attractive lilac.Its very popular for its lilac-like foliage.The lilac is found from the Mediterranean to the Far East.It […]

What’s the best sleeping beauty hotel in Spain?

Beautiful in spanias.You can find it at the top of the list.It’s one of the best hotel deals in Spain and the perfect way to stay in one of these beautiful, beautiful resorts. Read more

Beauty supply chain sally’s beauty supply is closing after years of declining sales

Sally’s Beauty Supply has been selling beauty supplies since 1995, and its products are used by nearly every major beauty brand, including L’Oreal, Chanel and Sephora.The company says it has lost more than $4 billion since its IPO in 2013.Sally’s, founded by a woman named Sally Neuenschwander, is the largest beauty retailer in the U.S. […]

When the Jerusalem lights are out, the West is missing in action

The West’s inability to respond to the refugee crisis is making a dangerous situation worse, the Palestinian Authority said in a statement on Tuesday, following the killing of a Palestinian woman by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank.“It is time to put our focus on the security of our children and grandchildren,” the statement read.“It […]

How to get your photos in the world’s best Instagrams

It is no secret that Instagrammers love to capture beautiful beauty shots.From stunning landscapes to stunning sunset, Instagrammers are always looking for the perfect shot to share.In the end, what they need is an Instagram app that will help them capture the beauty of their surroundings.While there are several options available for the users to […]

How to use the ‘beauty’ in the internet

The beauty industry is booming with an abundance of online tutorials, beauty brands, and social media influencers, all aiming to make your beauty experience more enjoyable.But with so much on the market, it’s important to remember that the ingredients that make up your skin care regimen are very personal, and you should never rely on […]

How to fix your eyes and eyesight: A guide

Sleepy Hollow, N.Y. — The state is one of the best places to recover after a winter storm, and so is its weather.It also has plenty of beauty suppliers and beauty products.But some experts say if you are suffering from eye issues, you should make an appointment with a qualified eye doctor to determine the […]

This is the perfect way to spend your day

LONDON —  An international cosmetics and beauty company that sells a range of products including makeup, hair and body care is getting a new partner in the UK.A new partnership has been announced between LUSH and Lush Beauty, an agency that sells luxury beauty products for both men and women, according to The Independent.It is […]

Maleficent star Kate Winslet opens up about being bullied for being white and having a white mother

Kate Winslett, who has appeared in several films starring Maleficient stars, has opened up about the challenges of being bullied and the backlash she has received for being a white woman.Speaking to BBC Newsnight, Winslet, who starred as Maleficent in the blockbuster film, said that her experience of bullying at school was a “distraction” but […]

How to find the perfect makeup tutorial

The best makeup tutorials in The Wall St Journal are always worth a read.We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to make your eyes pop and your face look flawless.But we also recommend checking out the makeup tutorials that inspire our readers, and we’ll be sharing those on the front page of the […]