The New England Patriots are looking to make the playoffs in 2016, and they’re not going to do it by being boring or by losing.

The team’s head coach, Bill Belichick, has made it a point to make every single game a battle.

That includes a possible trip to the Super Bowl, and that includes not taking a Superbowl-caliber team to an AFC Championship Game.

That means the Patriots will be the only team in the NFL to have two teams playing for a championship.

That makes it a little harder to watch them play, but Belichick and his team have the advantage in the Superdome, which is a place that can easily accommodate the home team.

The Patriots have won 11 Super Bowls and have been to five of them, but they’ve never made it to the postseason.

They have, however, won two games in a row against the Philadelphia Eagles and have won two of the past three meetings in the NFC.

This is a team that, when they are on the field, will go out and win.

Belichick’s defense, which ranked No. 1 in DVOA in 2016 and has been an offensive juggernaut in the past decade, should have a chance to do the same this year.

And with the additions of defensive lineman Chandler Jones, defensive end Chris Long, and cornerback Logan Ryan, the Patriots have a defensive front that should be able to make plays.

But the biggest reason the Patriots should be in the playoffs this year is because they’ve built their defense around their special teams.

The Pats have scored in each of their past four games (including Sunday’s win over the Eagles), and they’ve scored touchdowns in each game against the New York Giants and New Orleans Saints.

The only teams to have a higher rate of punts on returns in each one of those games are the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Chicago Bears, and the Patriots are among those that have a high rate of field goals on returns (29.6 percent).

They have also allowed the fewest points per game in the league (28.8), which helps explain why they are only 1-1 in their past six games against the Giants and Saints.

New England also had the third-highest average yardage in the game, but that number was inflated because the game was decided by five points or fewer.

They were also up by seven points in the fourth quarter against the Eagles, but those points didn’t count because they were converted by the Giants.

The Giants won by one point in the final minute of the game and the Saints won by two points.

And in a lot of ways, the difference between this and last year is that the Giants were outscored by just 15 points.

New York has struggled with turnovers all season, but in the first quarter against Philadelphia, it went 3-of-10 on third downs.

That’s an improvement, and it will help it get better in the future.

The Seahawks were the only NFL team to score in the third quarter against New Orleans, and their defense should help them get the ball back.

They allowed a combined 39 points to the Panthers and Saints, but did enough in the second half to secure a 27-20 win.

Seattle was down 13-3 with just over two minutes left in the opening half and finished with just three first downs.

It didn’t help that it had to use two timeout penalties in the end zone.

The Broncos led 24-21 at halftime before Denver scored the winning touchdown, but it was all Seattle.

It was a game where Denver’s defense showed it could hold onto the ball in the red zone and force mistakes.

Denver’s pass rush was outstanding against the Patriots, and its linebacker tandem of Von Miller and Von Miller Jr. played the best of any linebacker in the nation.

The Denver secondary is a threat to score points.

But with two quarterbacks and one tight end, Denver can’t do much on the ground, so the secondary is going to need to show up in big numbers if the Broncos want to win.

And the Broncos will have to get some help on offense if they want to have any chance of winning.

The Chiefs were good, but there were just too many mistakes.

And they didn’t do enough to force the Patriots to give them any of the possessions that they did.

They had a few opportunities to score on a couple of plays, but their defense just didn’t take advantage of them.

The best way for the Chiefs to win the Superbowl is to score at least 80 points.

Kansas City will need that.

The Panthers have the best defense in the division, and Carolina’s offense will be able at least get some points in their favor in the Panthers’ home opener against the Arizona Cardinals.

The Cardinals are also in their first season with two NFC South teams, but Arizona hasn’t been to a Superdrome since 2012.

The Cards had a chance for a first-round bye with their win over Arizona State, but instead they went on to lose to Georgia Southern.

The defense played poorly and allowed