Beautiful feet is the name of the new season of Suva, the new Japanese beauty reality show, and it’s just as beautiful as the title says. 

Suva Beauty is a show that is set in the same world as Beauty, but in a completely different way, with all the beautiful things that people want in life, and they are getting them all with the new show. 

I was lucky enough to be able to meet some of the stars, cast members and crew, and get an exclusive sneak peek at the show.

Suva is set to air its first season this fall.

Here’s what we know about the show so far. 

When will Suva be airing its first seasons? 

 Suavas first season is slated to air in late August, but there is no exact date. 

It is expected to have about 40 episodes, which would make it a show about a group of people living together and working together in the most modern of places. 

Is there any kind of fanfare? 

Yes, fans will be getting an exclusive preview of the show in the beginning of August. 

Will there be any surprises? 

Suavefoot will have an exclusive interview with the show’s cast and crew. 

Who are the stars? 

Each star is a different type of person. 

Each member of the cast will have their own personality and story, but will all be equally beautiful and beautiful in different ways. 

What will be the rules? 

The show will have rules, but those rules will be different from show to show.

If a star is really cute, that is the rules, and there will be no rule that says no one should be a supermodel. 

Can I have my picture taken with the stars in the show? 

Not at all. 

Why is there a new character? 

They just wanted to introduce another character, but Suva doesn’t have a lot of characters. 

How long will the show be? 

There is no definite premiere date.

However, the show is scheduled to premiere in late October. 

Do I need to watch the show to get the new character, or is there some other way to get them? 


Are there any special bonuses for having a Suva character?