Queens beauty supply store beauty brand Beauty & Glam is offering an mascara for black women that looks a lot like mascara from Sephora, but with less black pigment and the added benefit of using it for a longer duration.

It looks a little like mascara, but is formulated with black pigment instead of black, which is a far cry from Sephlors, which use black pigment in their mascara.

The mascara costs $14, which includes the full $4.99 cost of a full size bottle and a free refill.

“The mascara is the first time that we have really been able to really make it a bit affordable for black people,” said the company’s CEO, Marjorie Stolzenberg, who is black.

She explained the mascara is designed for women with oily skin, who may be more likely to have darker, darker hair, as well as darker skin tones.

As for what it does to the eyes, the mascara does “help prevent the lashes from clumping together,” she said.

In other words, it gives the lashes more volume and the effect is a bit more dramatic.

Stolzenberger told New Scientist the mascara will be available in stores across the US from the end of the year.

Beauty &amp, Glam, the brand that owns the Beauty &am brand, is one of the oldest beauty brands in the world, and started in the 1950s.

Its first mascara was the original Mascara, which was marketed as a “black mascara.”

Beauties &amp was founded in 1955 and has since expanded into hair care, makeup and beauty, and now sells about 50 products a year.

It is the largest cosmetics brand in the US and also has beauty brands such as CoverGirl, Sephort and Sephor, among others.