A beauty company has responded to criticism of a sleepwear line it developed for women in Asia.

The brand, called A Beautiful Mind, uses skin tones and facial features to create a range of beauty products.

But some people have questioned the company’s ethical practices.

The company, which also sells the Huda Beauty Pampers line, said in a statement that the line was created with the goal of creating beauty products that were appropriate to the Asian market and for women of color.

The statement said that the products were not designed to mimic the looks of Asian beauty products and that the focus was to create products that appeal to a broader range of Asian consumers.

The Huda brand has been criticized by some Asian beauty fans for including Asian skin tones in its products.

In recent months, the company has taken steps to clarify its policies.

It is also changing its name to HudaBeauty.

In a statement to CNNMoney, Huda said it was changing the name to A Beautiful and Healthy Mind to better reflect its vision and the beauty of its brand.

The product range includes “beauty masks, skincare and body treatments, makeup, and fragrance,” according to the statement.

“The range is designed to make the most of the latest technology in order to deliver the most natural, non-irritating, and effective products available to our customers.”

The statement added that the Hudas products are free of fragrance and alcohol and are manufactured in a factory in China.

The line was developed in partnership with the Hoda Beauty Company, the parent company of A Beautiful Beauty.

The Asian beauty brand is owned by the Chinese conglomerate TIAA-CREF, which is the largest investor in Huda.

The deal was first reported by the Associated Press.