KINGS beauty supply has unveiled a range of products designed to make beauty more personalised and affordable for people who are struggling to make ends meet.

Key points:The KINGS brand is the world’s largest online retailer of beauty products including cosmetics, skin care and body careThe products range features a range including skin care, hair care, haircare, makeup and moreThe range features products designed specifically for customers who are looking for a way to take control of their livesKINGS Beauty supply is aiming to offer “the perfect balance of beauty, luxury and personalisation”, with the aim of creating “an easy and simple way to personalise and transform your beauty and personal style”, according to its website.

The range includes products designed for the needs of beauty enthusiasts and those wanting to “create a personalised beauty supply”.

The range of beauty supplies includes “beauty masks, beauty products, facial masks, hair products, body products, makeup, skincare, skin products, perfumes, bath and body products” and offers a range “for all your needs”.

The brand’s website,, features a section entitled “The beauty industry and the people who make it work”.

It says the aim is to “empower people to take full control of how their lives are organised, from how they buy their makeup to how they look and feel”.

“If you’re looking to make your money go further you need to start by creating a business, starting with a beauty supply,” the section says.

“If that doesn’t work, if you can’t do the work yourself, or you don’t want to do the job yourself, you need the help of someone else.”

People like you who are not looking for personalised products are going to be the ones to help with the rest.

“With KINGS, we are trying to do for the beauty industry what we do for our own personal lives.”

As we build our business we want to give people the opportunity to start a business and to get a business on the back of their own personalisation.””

We have launched a new range of cosmetics designed to personalize and transform their beauty products.

We’ve created a range that includes the KINGS Kinky Beauty, a line of lipsticks, lip balms, scrubs, deodorants, scrums, face masks, haircuts, body care, and body scrubs.

“It’s all about creating a personal style that people can afford.”

A KINGS spokesperson said the range was targeted to “people who are trying not to have to deal with the high costs of living”.

“The range comes with a full range of skincares, makeup products and more.

The range comes in a range for people to choose from, including a range featuring skincaria and deodorant,” the spokesperson said.”

We’re also bringing back a range with our new KINGS Hairline range that comes in the form of a high-end hair line, a full-body brush and hair clips.”

The KIES Beauty line is a high quality range of body care products and hair care products, including body scrums and deos.””

The products are designed to give you a complete personalised look and a personalized way of looking after your body,” the KIES spokesperson said, “and they’re also available to purchase through our online store.

“In addition to the beauty products on offer, we have also got a range in our KINGS Body Shop that’s designed to help you manage your weight, shape and look with the help and guidance of our stylists.”‘

A whole new level of beauty’The spokesperson said KINGS was looking to expand the range and to offer products for a “new level of personalisation”.

“With our Kings Beauty range, you’ll find a range focused on creating a personalized beauty supply that will be tailored to your lifestyle and preferences, which is unique to KINGS,” the statement said.KINGS beauty supplies will be available from October 11.