I have a lot of dirty clothes on my hands.

I also have a bunch of makeup, and a bunch more.

In fact, the amount of makeup I have on me is pretty overwhelming.

And it’s hard to get out of it, especially if I don’t have time to clean out my makeup bag.

So I have decided to create a little clean-up challenge.

I know how important it is to make sure you clean out your makeup bag before you leave your house, so I’m going to share my 10 dirty-mess essentials, and then I’ll share a few things I did to make them a little less messy.1.

Remove your makeup brush from your brush bag.

I’ve been using my makeup brush as a way to clean up my brushes, and now I use it more as a small brush to brush my hair.2.

Add a little extra oil to your eyes.

If you’re using mascara, this is an absolute must.

You can add oil directly into the tube, or you can use a thin brush to apply a bit of it.

I like to use a fine-mesh mascara brush to do this, and I use a small, lightweight brush with a flat tip for the brush.

The result is a lot more oil, and less work to apply the product.3.

Put a little bit of mascara in your hair.

I find this to be the easiest way to remove mascara, but you can also put a little mascara in a thin tube and let it sit for a while.

It’s not a bad idea to add a bit more product to your hair, too.4.

Add another coat of makeup to your face.

I love using concealer to add color to my face.

This can be applied to my lips, brows, and under my eyes.

I used to put concealer on my lips for my foundation, but it was so drying and messy, and the concealer ended up covering my eyes with glue.

If your face is too red, you can put a touch of powder on it, or dab a little concealer over your lips.

I do this on my cheekbones, which is where I get my most red, but sometimes it’s also a great way to add some color to the cheeks.5.

Make sure you use a mask.

This is a very important step, and it’s not hard to do.

I always make sure I have my eyeshadow and blush on, and when I have time, I put on a mask and put on some foundation.

I use two different brands of masks, but I really like the BHLDN mask, which comes in a tube.

It has a little white dot on the side, and on my face, it’s a little dot on top.

If I can’t get enough of my foundation on, I’ll add a little of that white dot to my mask.

It adds a little color, and is really good for my face when I don.

I can also use the Make Up For Ever Concealer Brush, which can be purchased online or at drugstores.

I usually have this brush around to help me apply foundation.6.

Put on your makeup.

I normally put makeup on my forehead, cheeks, and around my eyes, but there are times when I can wear makeup over my makeup.

This step is a little tricky because the Makeup For Ever brushes aren’t as smooth as the BHDP brushes, but they do hold up really well.7.

Remove makeup.

It takes time to get your makeup off, and if you can get your eyes to close, you’ll be able to use it to apply makeup.

If they don’t close completely, you may have to use more makeup to close them up.8.

Use a toothbrush to brush your hair (and to comb it).

I don’st know why, but my hair has gotten really messy since I started using this as a daily routine.

I put a toothpick on the end of my toothbrush and then, as I’m combing my hair, I use my toothpick to pull it out of the brush and brush it over my hair to make it look better.

It works so well that it’s actually kind of fun to do, and makes me feel like I’m just going to put on my hair again.

I’m not sure why, so if you’re wondering, I’m a big fan of this tool.9.

Apply concealer.

This one is a no-brainer.

You use concealer, you apply concealer right over your makeup, you add more concealer as needed, and you blend it with your hair to create an illusion of the look you want.

I have a big collection of concealer that I blend into my hair and my makeup, so it’s really fun to try different combinations.10.

Apply your eyeliner.

This may seem a little out there, but concealer really does give you a more natural look