Axios/Twitter/Associated PressBeauty queens are scrambling to secure visas in France to participate in the French beauty contest, with one winner who recently relocated to the country facing an uphill climb to enter the show.

The pageant, the world’s oldest beauty pageant, has faced a slew of challenges over the years, from the Parisian government refusing to allow entry to women from countries that banned the contest to the Trump administration forcing it to cancel the event.

One winner, who moved from France to New York to participate, said she was told that she couldn’t compete.

She said she’s trying to help the French government understand why they are trying to ban women from entering the beauty pageant in the first place.

She told Axios: “We need to know why this is happening, because it’s very, very unfair.”

The French beauty queen, named Elisabeth, said the contest was a perfect opportunity to share her story and get international recognition for her work.

She has been working in France for several years to be a contestant, but the government has said she cannot participate in this year’s contest because she is in New York and has no visa.

The government is appealing to the court to overturn the decision, which Elisbourg is also contesting.

Elisbourg has said the government’s decision to ban entry to foreign contestants is “inhumane.”

She said it was also unfair that she had to go from France where she is legally allowed to work, and to the United States where she’s not.

Elisabelle said she wanted to make a show of solidarity for the other women who are not allowed to enter, but that the government was refusing to let her enter.

“If I’m going to show the world that I’m not scared of being beaten up, why not be beaten up?,” Elisbelle said.

The government of France is also facing backlash for the ban.

A French judge recently told a judge that the French law is discriminatory and that the ban will not be implemented until all women are included in the pageant.

The judge said he will issue an injunction to force the government to respect the law, but was not able to do so in time for the start of the show Sunday.

“I can’t do it because I’m already in New England,” Elsabelle told Axio.

“But I am so determined.

I’ve been working here and I’m trying to make the world know what is going on.”