Dragun Beauty and Dragun Master drag the Toronto area to its lowest rating ever.

The rating is down by 0.5 per cent from July 2016.

It’s down from the previous lowest score recorded in January, 2016, which was 0.7 per cent.

Toronto is the highest-rated city in Canada for its drag queens, but it’s not the only city.

Here are some other highlights from the 2017 ranking: • The top performer on the list is Dragun’s Michelle Gorga, who took home the crown of Best Beauty Artist at the Toronto International Drag Week.

• The second-highest performer was Dragun Black, who earned a score of 0.9 per cent for her appearance on The View, hosted by Gwen Stefani.

• Other top performers include RuPaul’s Drag Race’s RuPaul, who is currently in Toronto filming Season 7, and Drag Universe’s Mimi Bekki, who was crowned Best Beauty and Beauty Professional at the International Drag Awards.