Designer Vivienne Westwood has been named the winner of the prestigious New York fashion week’s “Essential Fashion Designer” award.

Westwood, who was named the New York Post’s top beauty editor in 2012, will attend a ceremony Wednesday night at the Newseum.

She’ll be joined by the likes of Marisa Cordero, who won the 2015 New York Magazine cover contest, and Jodi Rocha, who last year was named one of the best female designers in the world by Glamour magazine.

The first annual New York Style Week ceremony will take place on May 6.

The awards will also honor the best designers from the last five years, including Hedi Slimane, who is the first designer to be named one among the Top 100 of the New Yorker’s “Best 100 Designers of the 20th Century.”

“I was incredibly thrilled to be chosen as the NewYork Style Week’s Essential Fashion Designer and honored to represent the fashion industry and the fashion world,” Westwood said in a statement.

“I look forward to working with my collaborators, and to sharing my love for fashion with all of you.”

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