What’s the best mascara for a black woman?

Queens beauty supply store beauty brand Beauty & Glam is offering an mascara for black women that looks a lot like mascara from Sephora, but with less black pigment and the added benefit of using it for a longer duration.It looks a little like mascara, but is formulated with black pigment instead of black, which […]

What do Asian beauty brands say about sleepwear?

A beauty company has responded to criticism of a sleepwear line it developed for women in Asia.The brand, called A Beautiful Mind, uses skin tones and facial features to create a range of beauty products.But some people have questioned the company’s ethical practices.The company, which also sells the Huda Beauty Pampers line, said in a […]

How to treat a swollen eye: Treating a swollen eyelid

LIKELY NOVA (AP) When Katie and Kevin were 16, their eyes were swollen shut, but they kept going back.And they kept coming back, until their eyeballs were so swollen, they needed to have an eye operation.“I remember just thinking, ‘I can’t get this one done,’” Kevin said.“It was crazy.”The pair eventually got a temporary fix.It […]

How to make a beautiful mess without having to clean it

I have a lot of dirty clothes on my hands.I also have a bunch of makeup, and a bunch more.In fact, the amount of makeup I have on me is pretty overwhelming.And it’s hard to get out of it, especially if I don’t have time to clean out my makeup bag.So I have decided to […]

How to save your hair in the NHL, with a $150 haircut

The NHL is giving away $150 haircuts for the next three years.The giveaway will end at 5:00 p.m.ET on Tuesday, March 10, and can be viewed on NHL.com.Here’s how you can win:You can enter to win one of these two $150 hair styles:• The full-length hair style, which includes the crown and ends in a […]

What’s new in the Sally Beauty Coupon?

Sally Beauty coupons are still available at most major retailers for a few weeks, but they have a few key differences from the rest of the industry.Sally Beauty offers a few more coupons to be eligible for and offers free shipping on orders over $75.You’ll also be able to redeem up to 10 of the […]

Why do I love Big Beautiful Tits

My love for Big Beautiful Tall Tits has nothing to do with the fact that I have a large chest.My love has nothing at all to do that I am a big fat slut.I love Big beautiful Tits because she is a beautiful, pretty, powerful, gorgeous woman with big tits.It is my job as a […]

The perfect day to take your love of flowers to the next level

By now, you’ve probably been exposed to flower arrangements on Instagram and Pinterest.Now that’s what I call a hit.With so many options out there, why not start out by making your own?In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through making your very own floral arrangements and then share them with the world.Let’s get started!Step 1: The […]

‘Beauty Supply’ designer to appear at New York Fashion Week

Designer Vivienne Westwood has been named the winner of the prestigious New York fashion week’s “Essential Fashion Designer” award.Westwood, who was named the New York Post’s top beauty editor in 2012, will attend a ceremony Wednesday night at the Newseum.She’ll be joined by the likes of Marisa Cordero, who won the 2015 New York Magazine […]

How to tell if your skin is unhealthy

Health experts say it is best to get a skin test for signs of the virus to be sure you are not at risk.A person who has had contact with someone who has contracted the virus is contagious.Health experts say the chances of getting the disease from the virus are very small.But they say those […]