A collection of photos from around Ireland shows the vibrant music scene of the country.

The pictures are part of the ‘Music City’ project, which aims to document all the venues, artists and venues in the country to create a history of music in Ireland.

The project is the brainchild of photographer Chris McDonough and the collection includes over 500 images, including some great photos from the capital city, Dublin.

The project is funded by the Guinness Book of Records, and was created by Chris Mcdonough and his wife, Joanne, who have been a music lovers since childhood.

Chris has worked in Ireland for the past seven years, capturing all the iconic venues and events in the capital.

The photographer says that he wanted to capture everything from the music scene to the music lovers, and the result is a wonderful collection of shots.

“When I was working in Dublin I would walk down to the city and see people dancing in front of the city hall, and I would then photograph them from behind, I would photograph the faces, I wanted to show the faces and the music,” he says.

The images cover all areas of the capital, from the pubs and clubs, to the main streets and the surrounding neighbourhoods.

The album covers the last six months of the year, which has featured a number of festivals, and also includes some music events, like The Great Irish Jazz Festival, which takes place on the weekend of August 16-17.

Chris says that the festival has been a highlight for him, and he is looking forward to the next few weeks.

“The festivals are very much important, they give people a sense of belonging to a place, it’s also about a community spirit.

So, festivals are a great way to do that,” he said.

The collection also features some of Ireland’s best restaurants, bars and music venues, as well as some fantastic photos from Ireland’s most famous festivals, including the Irish Music Festival.

Chris McDonagh said that his collection of photographs will not only be a source of inspiration for artists and music lovers across the country, but also for anyone who is looking for great photography.

“I think it will give people an idea of where to go to see the most amazing music festivals and the best restaurants and the greatest music venues.

It’s all in the name of art, so if you’re looking for inspiration then you should go and see it,” he added.

The Irish Times has a gallery of the photographs here.