The rare beauty supply house in Melbourne has been granted planning permission.

Key points:The company is a partner with Beauty Forest and has been operating at the site for over 40 yearsThe company has been running a beauty supply chain in Melbourne for the past 40 years”The beauty supply company has an established and strong customer base,” a spokeswoman for the company said”It has been in the business for 40 years and has an ongoing relationship with BeautyForest and we have been working with them on the proposed site.”

The site is suitable for a residential use with the approval of the Department of Planning and Environment.

“The spokeswoman said the company’s business would not be affected by the development.

The developer, Victoria City Council, applied to have the project approved in May, but the application has now been withdrawn.”

They were not satisfied with the application and they’ve made a submission to the developer on a number of points,” the spokeswoman said.”

There’s a lot of detail that has to be worked out, and we’re hoping to do that as soon as possible.

“This has been a long-term business, with a long history.

We’re hoping that we can find a good balance between residential and commercial use.”

The Victorian Government said it was committed to supporting local businesses and infrastructure.

“Victoria City Council has been actively engaged in discussions with the company and the developers, and will continue to do so to secure the best possible site for a new residential development,” a spokesperson for the Department said.