The best way to save money and stay on top of the latest beauty trends is to start with a curated list of quality beauty supplies that will last for years.

So when Sally Beauty Supply founder Jillian Michaels announced her upcoming “sally supply kit” in June, we knew it would be a must-have.

The Sally Beauty Supplements Kit will come with a “sailor eye makeup kit” with a highlighter, a brush and three shades of blush.

The “lilac eye” blush is also included, and there will be a lip stain, two lipsticks, three eye shadows, one eye primer and a few other essentials.

There will also be “beauty supplies” for every skin tone, which will include “skin-brightening” lotions, lip balms, eye shadows and other products for the complexion.

Michaels has made a name for herself by launching her own beauty line that’s been lauded for its “skin care, complexion care and facial skin care” for years now.

Her line has become known for selling products that are designed to be a complete makeup and skin care solution, and she has launched a few of these as well.

For example, she recently launched the “natural skin product” line and she’s also been known to include “super moisturizing” products in her “skincare products.”

The Sally’s Sally Beauty Kit will retail for $9.99, which is about $10 less than the $14.99 price tag of a comparable product from Beauty Suppliers International.

And we already know that Michaels’ line has received rave reviews, so it’s clear that her Sally Beauty Kits will sell well.

While we haven’t gotten a chance to see the “sales” numbers for the Sally Beauty Products Kit, we do know that the company will be offering the Sally’s Beauty Products kit for free to anyone who preorders the app, and it will be available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android devices and Apple Watch, and we’ll be sure to report back with more sales numbers.

If you preorder the app, you can get access to the app through October 25, 2017.

We’ll update this post with more information when it becomes available.