It’s an increasingly common sight in some cities: owners giving their beloved pets the ultimate gift, the cat’s collar.

But it seems that it’s a very bad idea.

According to a new report from The New York Times, owners who are giving their dogs the collar can actually make the situation worse.

The report says the collar is an integral part of a dog’s relationship with owners, and when the owners give the collar, it “seems to create a sort of love bond that can end up turning into a separation.”

“The collar creates an immediate bond between owners and their pet, but also creates a sense of loss,” says the report.

“The best thing that could happen is for a dog to be able to be affectionate with his owner without having to worry about having the collar removed.”

The collar is designed to help a dog get a good night’s sleep and help it get out of its crate.

However, it can be extremely harmful for pets who are in a state of anxiety or fear.

“If you’ve got a dog who has been fearful or anxious, the collar puts him in a very, very uncomfortable position,” Dr. Mark Cahn, a veterinarian who practices at the New York Veterinary Medical Center, told The Times.

“It puts him at the mercy of his owners, so to speak, of their own emotions.”

“It could be dangerous, as the dog is going to become frightened and that is not a good thing.”

If your dog doesn’t get a collar, you should still keep him with you.

And if your dog needs to be put down, it’s important to do so in a humane manner.

The collar can even help your dog calm down.

The article goes on to say that many owners of dogs are “too trusting” with their pets and think it’s okay to give them a collar that is designed for people.

According a New York Humane Society spokesperson, it is extremely important for pet owners to keep their dogs in good health and the collar should be kept in a secure location, away from other pets.

“We have a number of different kinds of collars on the market, including collars for dogs, which are not as good for the dog and can cause serious injury to the dog,” she said.

“You should always ask the vet about your dog’s needs before you give him a collar.”

The Times goes on say that in most cases, the collars are used for only a short period of time and that it is important for owners to give their dogs a leash.

However, if you have a dog that needs a leash, you may want to consider giving him a leash instead.