The beauty box has been around for a long time, but its been getting a new lease of life.

The latest addition to the Beauty Box concept, called Beauty Box, has its own box that can be used for the first time.

It is the latest product to hit the market in Australia, following a $1.9 million funding round in April.

Pixi Beauty is the creator of the box and it was developed as a collaborative effort between the company and the Beauty Beauty Box team.

Pixiglass founder and CEO David Hickey said the box would be designed to provide customers with an array of products with a wide range of formulas and styles.

”There are so many products in the beauty box that we’re just trying to provide that palette of choices, so that’s why we made this box,” Mr Hickey told

While the box has an array for products that are more affordable and popular, it is designed to cater for customers with more specific needs.

Mr Hickey noted the box can be re-purposed for more than just cosmetic needs, such as acne treatment, while it is also designed to be an essential to the daily life of the beauty shopper.

Beauty Box CEO David J. Hickey.

Photo: Supplied Mr Hicky said the Beautybox was designed to make sure beauty items were readily available to all Australians.

‘Beauty box is an amazing product for a lot of reasons, but the most important thing is that we can provide the product that the customer wants and need for that specific time frame.

“We’ve been working on this project for some time and I think that it’s really important that we deliver on our promise to the consumer, and we want to deliver on that promise.”

Mr J.H. said he wanted the BeautyBox to be as affordable as possible, with the box’s prices starting at $39.99 and up to $149.99 for the range of products.

The box will include a range of cosmetics, body and hair products and face products, and will include some items that are not available in the regular Beauty Box.

If a customer buys two Beauty Boxes, they can have a Beauty Box with one of the three products for the price of one.

At the moment, the beauty boxes range is only available to customers who live in the Perth CBD.

Currently, the box is only open to residents of Perth and the Northern Territory.

However, Mr Higgs said it was possible to visit the BeautyBOX website, which has been in the works for a number of years.

He said he hoped the box could become a global brand with other countries including Japan, the United Kingdom, and Germany.