The first of two films based on the popular children’s book was released in 1994.

The story revolves around a Black Beauty named Fiona who lives with her sister in an English town.

In the book, Fiona is an ordinary little girl who becomes a beautiful and successful witch when her parents, who are both witches, marry each other and move to England.

The movie’s plot centers on Fiona and her sister, who live in a fairy tale world of fairies and wizards, as well as their friend, a black beauty. 

“Beauty and the Bum” is based on a story by author Fannie Lou Hamer, which was first published in 1962.

Hamer was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1923 and received her undergraduate degree in English literature from the University of Pennsylvania in 1936.

She moved to New York in 1939 and graduated in 1941 from New York University.

Hilar’s work was adapted into the stage play Beauty and Me, starring Marjorie Meraji and starring Marlene Dietrich. 

In 1991, Hamer died of lung cancer at the age of 71. 

 “Fairy Tale” by Fannie Louise Hamer (1962). 

Beauty And The Bum. 

Beautiful older woman (Ethel Waters). 

Black Beauty (Fiona). 


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