We all know flowers are pretty, but what are some of the prettiest flowers around?

We looked at some of these favourites to find out.


Lilliputia – A.

Lillipute, also known as Lillies’ lilac or lilac wisteria, is a very attractive lilac.

Its very popular for its lilac-like foliage.

The lilac is found from the Mediterranean to the Far East.

It can be found growing in grasslands and scrublands, as well as on trees, shrubs and flowering plants.


Pompilium – B.

Pompilum is a succulent, sweet-looking lilac that can grow up to 2 metres in height.

Its smooth leaves are often yellow or red, but its white flowers are usually red, orange or purple.


Citrus – C.

Lily is a shrub with a white, pink, yellow or orange flowers.


Lily – D.

Lemons, which is native to Asia, is an attractive, fragrant lilac with a purple or pink tinge.


Marigold – Marigolds are a succulents with a bright, red-orange bloom, or red tulips with white flowers.

It has yellow petals and is often found in gardens.


Melaleuca – A succulent with red, pink or white flowers that is often used for medicinal purposes.


Jasmine – A perennial lilac native to India and Thailand.


Melange – A shrub or a shrubby with white or orange flower clusters.

It is also known for its flower-like flowers.


Lavender – Lavender is a native plant with a soft yellowish-green flesh that is usually found in the spring.

It’s very common and its fragrant flowers can be seen in gardens and lawns.


Violet – A popular succulent in the UK, this lovely lilac plant is a favorite of many gardeners.

It blooms in the early spring, and can be very popular with visitors to the garden.


Lemon – A rose with white petals that is popular in the garden, and its white, purple, yellow, pink and red flowers.


Lavandula – Lavandulas is a perennial shrub that grows in the tropical coastal regions of South America.


Marbled Lily – A variety of lily, it is commonly found growing on the ground.

It also grows on trees and shrubs.


Orchid – Orchids are plants with pink, purple or purple blooms that can be quite attractive to the eye.


Phlox – A small plant with long, yellow flowers that are found in shrubs, fields, hedges and parks.


Rose – A white, petal-shaped, white flower with a greenish, reddish or blue-red centre.


Sandalwood – A plant native to China, it can be white, red or pink.


Sarsaparilla – A species of lilly, it grows to 5 metres in length.


Tulip – A beautiful, red, yellow flower that is a favourite of people of all ages.


Wildflowers – A very attractive plant with purple flowers.