A poll conducted by the website beauty.com has revealed which flower is most beautiful.

The poll asked respondents which flower they would choose if given the choice of flowers that were either the most attractive or most beautiful in nature.

The flower that comes out on top is the pink rose.

The most popular flower, the rose of gratitude, is followed by the rose, the hyacinth, the kala, and the lily.

A flower that you would not want to miss out on, however, is the rose.

While the flower that is best to choose in your garden is the blue rose, you will find roses in a lot of other locations.

The poll also asked people what flowers they would pick if given a choice between two flowers.

The rose of friendship is followed closely by the lilac, the chrysanthemum and the petals of the lilacs.

The best pick for the roses would be the lilium.

The lilium is considered the most romantic of the roses.

The flowers that are most beautiful are also found in nature, which is a good sign.

The blooms of the flowers that make you smile, the flowers you want to have for your wedding, the beautiful flowers you see in your backyard and the blooms that will make you feel special at your wedding night are all found in natural areas.

Beauty.com said the poll was designed to help people make an informed choice.

“People can also make the decision to buy or not buy flowers at the same time.

There are different reasons why people might want to buy flowers.

Some of them are for themselves or others.

In general, the more you love something the more likely you are to buy it.

For this reason, it is very important to have the best flower that fits your taste,” the website said.