The West’s inability to respond to the refugee crisis is making a dangerous situation worse, the Palestinian Authority said in a statement on Tuesday, following the killing of a Palestinian woman by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank.

“It is time to put our focus on the security of our children and grandchildren,” the statement read.

“It is also time to look at the security and well-being of the people of our homeland.”

It came just hours after an Israeli soldier killed a woman who was walking with her children in the Jerusalem area, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health and Hospitals.

The Palestinian Authority has accused the Israeli army of killing the woman and her two children in cold blood in the occupied West Bank, according a statement issued by the ministry.

On Sunday, the Israeli soldier opened fire at the woman as she was walking in the area of Ein Kerem in the northern West Bank city of Hebron, hitting her in the head.

The Israeli army did not respond to The Associated Press’ request for comment.

On Monday, the PA said the mother was killed after a clash with Israeli troops, and that Israeli forces opened fire on her while she was being treated in a hospital.

In a statement, the government called on Israel to “stop using excessive force and open its prisons to Palestinians and other people of conscience, especially the elderly, women and children, as soon as possible, without delay.”

It called on the Israeli government to open its military prisons to Palestinian prisoners and to release all prisoners it holds.

“The Palestinian government is calling on Israel not to carry out these executions and to immediately release the woman,” the ministry statement said.