The fenty Beauty cosmetics line launched in January 2017.

The first item on the line is a foundation, which comes in a full-size jar that comes with a tube of powder.

I used to get my foundation from Target, but Fenty Beauty doesn’t carry it anymore.

Instead, they sell their foundation in the same packaging as the powder.

The powder is more of a gel than a liquid, but the gel makes up for it with a texture that is not as smooth as powder.

In this photo, you can see the formula in the jar and the powder in the tube.

While Fenty is making a name for itself as a makeup brand with high-end cosmetics, they have also had to deal with a number of issues with their products.

Fenty beauty has been sued multiple times by several individuals claiming that their products contain lead and leaded gasoline, and the brand was forced to close in October 2017 due to lead poisoning.

The brand’s parent company, the Fyre Group, has also been in the news over allegations of sexual harassment.

A former employee told Bloomberg Businessweek that Fyre was “very hostile, very hostile, extremely abusive” to employees. 

Fenty Beauty has also faced criticism for its product reviews, which often contain negative opinions of the products.

 On February 18, the company announced a partnership with the cosmetics company L’Oreal, which will allow the beauty company to provide Fenty products to L’Oréal Beauty’s Beauty & Science lab, which is used to produce L’Occitane, the other popular brand of foundation.

L’Oreméal has also recently been sued by a woman who alleges that the company made her feel unsafe. 

L’Orèal Beauty is also embroiled in a separate lawsuit from a woman alleging sexual harassment, which has been ongoing since 2016.

The woman, who filed a lawsuit in March 2017, alleged that the L’ORÉAL Beauty brand made her wear the company’s products and make up her face. 

 The lawsuit also alleged that a female employee, who worked at the Beauty & Sciences lab, made her leave after making a complaint.

A representative for L’ Oréal did not immediately respond to requests for comment. 

Another company, Bottega Veneta, also announced in September 2017 that it was partnering with Fenty to create a beauty line, the Bottegas Veneta Beauty line. 

The line, which launched in August 2017, is made up of a full size beauty mask, a moisturizer, a tinted moisturizer and a foundation.

The makeup line is available in several shades, and Bottego says that the masks are available in two different colors, light and medium.

The products also come in a variety of styles. 

While Botteganas Veneta has yet to officially announce pricing, they’ve said that the range will be priced at $18 to $20.

Fenty also announced that they are partnering with the popular beauty brand Sephora to launch their own beauty line.

Sephora launched a beauty product line called Beauty, in June 2017.

On February 14, 2017, Fenty announced that it would be partnering with Sephor to launch its own beauty brand, the Beauty and Beauty Science line.

Sephors Beauty Science range is available for $12 to $17. 

Sephor also announced their intention to launch a beauty service for Fenty. 

“As an important brand, we believe in the power of beauty, and we want to build on the beauty foundation we have built with Sephs Beauty Science,” Fenty’s VP of Beauty, Stephanie Brown, said in a statement.

“We look forward to working with Sepharas Beauty Science to bring the beauty of beauty to the masses.

We’re excited to partner with Sephrons Beauty Science on this initiative.”

Fifty Shades of Beauty was also a surprise hit in 2017.

Fathom Events, a company that Fenty co-founded, created the movie that is expected to sell out in the first day.

As a result, Fathom Entertainment, a subsidiary of Fathom Group, decided to launch Fenty Events, which also includes the movie. 

In a statement, Fyre said that Fathom events will be the first to offer a Beauty and Health product line, but that it will not be limited to the Beauty line, and that there will be other products in the Beauty Health line.

Fyre’s Beauty Health product will be available in three different colors.

I’m really excited about the new Beauty Health range, which features a wide range of products from the best of the best. 

As Fenty explained in a blog post announcing the partnership, the beauty product range is “the most anticipated and most successful of the new Fenty cosmetics range,” and Fenty will “deliver a brand new Beauty and health product line in 2018.” I hope