Beautiful vagina is a phrase that many women are often shocked to hear when asked what to do if their partner wants the same thing but they’re not prepared to get down on the bed.

We asked some women what they would do if they were told to get naked, and what they thought the reaction would be like. 

Beautiful vagina “I’m not sure if it would really be beautiful or not, but I wouldn’t say it would make me happy either,” said Melissa, a 23-year-old Australian who recently moved to the US.

“But it would definitely be something I would be able to look forward to.” 

“Being naked would be a nice change of pace, and I’d be able be more confident.

I would probably feel less anxious and more ready.” 

And if you’re wondering why women who are comfortable in their own skin don’t feel so comfortable about doing it naked, Melissas response is that they’re worried it might make them look “disgusting”. 

“If my partner were to put his hand up my thigh, I would feel very uncomfortable and unsure, so I wouldn´t really know what to expect,” she said.

“I would be more unsure if he was actually touching me, or if he had already touched my legs, or whether it was just me feeling uncomfortable.” 

Beauty and sex in the bedroom: “My vagina is my most sensitive area,” said  Karen, 23, a self-employed software engineer who moved to New Zealand.

“My partner would probably know how to touch it, and maybe even get it wet, but when I try to have sex with him I just feel like it’s something I’m too shy to say.” 

She said she feels more comfortable talking about her body, but the fear of being judged if she does is one of the biggest barriers to the practice. 

“It feels so taboo to be open about my body and I don’t want to be judged for my body, because I know that I have a vagina and it’s my most intimate part of me, and it doesn’t make me feel like I’m shameful for being comfortable,” she told us. 

Karen said she also feels uncomfortable being naked in public, because “I don’t really feel like anyone is going to think I’m a slut if I’m not wearing a bra or whatever”. 

The same could be said for Melanie, 23. 

She moved to Auckland in 2016 to work as a software engineer, but has always wanted to have a relationship with her partner.

“It’s always been there, and even though it’s never really felt comfortable, I have felt comfortable having it, but it’s always felt like a taboo thing to say,” she explained. 

 “In the past, it would be really awkward and awkward for me to ask him to touch my vagina, and then he would be embarrassed and feel uncomfortable if I did, so for me it’s like, ‘No, it’s not about me’.”

“If it was up to me, I’d just do it to myself.

I don´t want to talk about it.” 

But if your partners body is just a body part, you might not have to think twice about it. 

Melody “Just because you have a body doesn’t mean you have to put up with the feelings,” said Melanie, a 24-year old Australian who moved to Auckland from the UK. 

But for Kerry, who works in a public relations firm in New Zealand, it was different for her to be in the public eye.

“For me, being in the spotlight is kind of a big thing for me.

I think that in a way, it makes me feel that I can’t be anything without it, so it was really liberating for me when I was on TV,” she said. 

For many, the only thing they’re ready to share is their body. 

What you can do if you need to get dressed: When it comes to getting dressed up, some women have to be very careful about what they choose to do. 

Diane “A lot of times I get asked to get my hair done and do some nail polish, but my partner just wants me to dress up,” said Diana, who moved from the US to New York last year. 

Her partner, who was in her early 20s, wanted her to have “the most beautiful outfit I could possibly have”, but Dianne felt uncomfortable doing that. 

Instead, she said, she would dress up and wear her favourite clothes to make herself feel more comfortable. 

The best part, she says, is that “he doesn’t really think about me wearing any clothes at all, so when I go to get them, I feel so relaxed and beautiful”. And then