A beautiful Indian woman has become an international celebrity after taking on a job that required her to travel the world to raise funds for her two young daughters.

Ms Madhavurthi, 31, is an entrepreneur and former executive at a luxury hotel chain and was chosen by the Guinness World Records for the ‘Most Valuable Woman of the Year’ award.

In the run-up to the awards ceremony in New York on Wednesday, Ms Madhivarthi raised more than $2 million for her daughters, Kunal, 14, and Suneeta, 12, by going from one hotel to the next.

The two girls have since been featured on the cover of the Forbes India magazine and Ms Madavurtha has become a global celebrity, with people from all over the world visiting her website and Facebook page to say how much they appreciated the ‘very kind gesture’.

“I was in the hospital for two months for my back and a cracked vertebrae,” she told AFP news agency.

“I took a few risks because I wanted to raise the money for my kids but I had to do it as a very responsible businessperson.

I never wanted to make them cry.”

We are still in the process of trying to get the money out but I have raised $2,831,819 from around 100,000 people.

“Ms Madavarthie was honoured for raising money for the girls at the International Children’s Day event organised by the organisation Women and the Economy in New Delhi.

The award was presented by the Global Fund to End Child Poverty and has since been retweeted more than 17,000 times.”

Every girl in India is a miracle,” said Ms Madvarnith.”

My girls have changed my life.

“The young girl’s mother, Kavita, said the money would have been better spent on other things.”

That money would be better spent for the education of my kids,” she said.”

This money would give them an opportunity to go to school, buy a house and a car.

“It will help them to be happy and healthy in the future.”

Ms Kavitabai, who also took part in the award ceremony, said her daughter had received a lot of support from the community, including from her mother.

“They are very good at giving support,” she added.

“Kavita and her brother are very healthy and they have been very active in the community.”

Ms Durga, who was also honoured, said she was delighted with the accolades.

“The fact that people recognise us is very exciting,” she explained.

“Everyone has been very nice to us.”

The awards were given by the International Fund for Women, an organisation that promotes gender equality and encourages women to leave their homes and careers to become entrepreneurs.