I was a little bit nervous about purchasing my first Moon Luxury Luxury Cosmetics Beauty Kit, because I had never actually purchased a kit before.

I knew that there was a lot of hype around the products, but I was also curious to see how it all went.

So I went to a beauty supply store to get my kit, and found myself standing in a long line. 

I was a bit shocked that the line was even longer than the salespeople told me it would be. 

As the saleswoman explained that they had only just opened the shop, the line had just started to build, and it was already a full three hours before I was able to get in. 

This is when I realized that my purchase was going to cost me a lot.

The prices listed for the Moon Luxuries Beauty Kit were actually pretty cheap.

For example, the Moon Beauty Cosmetics kit was only $35.00, which would be $10.00 less than the standard kit I normally purchase, and $5.00 more than the Moon Kit that was advertised as $60.00.

That means that my Moon Luxurys kit was going for $60, but it would only cost me $20.00 over and above what it would cost me to buy the kit from the normal Moon Luxurer’s website. 

If I had bought this kit in bulk, I would have gotten a discount of about 40% because I was buying my kit at the normal price, but since I was just getting a kit from Moon Luxorums website, I was only getting a 30% discount on my Moon Beauty kit. 

So how do I use this Moon Luxure Luxury beauty kit to get the most out of my Luxury Essence Kit?

 For one thing, I want to be able to apply my Moon Cosmetics product directly onto my skin and not have to worry about any of the messy residue that comes with using a lotion on my skin.

I also like to be prepared to spend money on more products because I know that my cosmetic products can last for months and months, so I want them to last longer and longer. 

The Moon Lux Luxury Skin Essence is one of the best makeup products I’ve used in a while, but unfortunately, it only comes in a 2ml bottle.

The Moon Luxus Essence also comes in 3 different skin tones, but each skin tone has its own special benefits that I need to discuss in depth in my next post. 

What is the Moon Cosmosis Essence Skin Care Essence?

The Moon Cosmatosis Essence is an all-in-one cosmetic skin care product that can be applied to the face and body for an all natural, hydrating, nourishing, and even more youthful complexion. 

My Moon Cosmas Essence is very simple to use and is a little pricey. 

However, the essence will work well for both dry and oily skin types, as well as those with a dry or oily complexion.

It contains the following ingredients: Fragrance Free Rosemary Extract