Beauty school students are all over Instagram with tutorials and tips for making eye shadows that are easy to apply, lasting and look amazing.

But how do you go about creating an eye shadow that looks beautiful and looks good?

Here are some tips from our beauty school teachers for you:1.

Find your perfect eye color.

The first step is to find your perfect shade of eye shadow.

Make sure you choose a color that compliments your skin tone, is neutral, and doesn’t clash with your hair color.

Your eyes will look a little more defined in the final product.

Make an eye look like a natural and organic crease or contour.

Make it so you can easily blend it in your eyes and make the look more natural.2.

Find a good base shade.

Make sure the eye shadow looks natural and that it doesn’t look overly pigmented or overly dark.

For the best results, try using a base shade that matches your skin color, such as a neutral or warm brown.3.

Apply the shadow.

If you want to make your shadow look more subtle, start with applying a soft base shadow.

You can either apply it over your lid, on the inner corners of your eyes, or in the crease of your eye.

The more layers you layer, the more subtle the effect will be.4.

Create the shape.

Next, create a shape by adding eyeshadow on top of the shadow base, blending it in with the eyeshadows in the base.

If you don’t have any eyeliner, you can use a concealer or a gloss to create a subtle eye shape.5.

Apply eye shadow over a neutral face.

Once you have the shadow perfect, it’s time to add some makeup to the eye.

Create a cheekbones, cheekbones and more with a cheekbone shadow, a cheek shape, a line in the upper lash line, or a highlight.6.

Apply a contour or line shadow.

Create a contoured look by applying a contouring shadow on top.

Add a little bit of contouring powder, highlight, and shadow base to create the illusion of a rounded or rounded shape.7.

Apply an eyeliner shadow.

This step is pretty easy.

Just create an eyelash shape with the shadow on the bottom lash line and then create an eyebrow shape.

Add some powder to the shape and apply a highlight on top to create an even more dramatic eye look.8.

Create your signature eye shape with a lip liner.

Create your eye shape using a lipstick, eyeliner or a lip gloss.

Add an extra little bit on top and add a little glitter to give the eyes an extra glow.9.

Apply your eyeliner to your eye and blend it into your brow bone.

Make your eyes look even more pronounced by using a shimmer or glitter eye liner.10.

Apply eyeliner over a bold and dramatic cheek shape.

Add a little eyeliner in the shape of a pencil.

Blend in a little lipstick and add another layer of eyeliner.11.

Apply mascara and/or powder eyeshade to your lashes.

Make the eyes look bigger and fuller with a mascara and a powder eyeshy shade.

Add more glitter and eyeshading to make them look more dramatic and make them pop.