You are beautiful, aren’t you?

That’s what you have to be to be sleeping with an actress like Elisha Cuthbert.

You are stunning, aren´t you?

You are a star, aren`t you, you say?

Well, you are beautiful because you are so pretty, arenât you.

You might have a pretty face, too, but you also have the power of a star.

You can be your own most fabulous and wonderful star. 

In this interview, Elishas mother, Helen, discusses the challenges she faced when she became a star and the beauty standards that define us all. 

The actress tells us why she chose to be a part of a show called Sleeping Beauty, how she has become the first celebrity to appear in a series of books and a book about the star, and how it was really a dream come true for her. 

Helen Elishash is a talented actress who has appeared in shows like Glee, Scandal, The Big Bang Theory, and The Mindy Project.

She has also starred in the BBC TV show, Beautiful World.

She is the mother of actress Elishah Cuthberts daughter, Eliza. 

How did you get started as a star?

The first thing that I noticed was how amazing I looked.

I remember I was walking into a beauty salon and I thought, “Wow, this is so gorgeous”.

I remember being in a beauty shop and looking at the racks and thinking, “Oh, that´s lovely”.

I thought to myself, “I have the look.

I´ve got to have that look”. 

So I bought a $25 wig and a $30 mascara and a face powder.

I was wearing it every day, all the time, for five months.

I was going to be on the cover of Vanity Fair and the cover was going, “Beautiful.” 

How many people know you for your acting?

My husband and I are really lucky to have the same daughter. 

When did you decide to be the first star to appear on a book?

I decided to do Sleeping Beauty at the same time as I had been on Glee.

When we were filming, I had to come in and talk to the cast and crew about how to make sure I could be myself.

I went into this audition, which was really difficult because I was dressed like a clown, but then I realised I had the best body of all the girls, which I was really proud of. 

What was your first audition like?

 It was actually on The Big Beat.

I had already auditioned for Glee and I was in my element.

I wanted to be myself, so I said, “How would you like to be called?” 

When we first saw you, we thought you looked like a young Michael Jackson.

How did that come about?

When I auditioned, I was a little bit nervous, because I didn´t want to be pigeonholed into anything.

But when I walked into the room, I just instantly felt that I could do anything.

I thought that it was great that I had this incredible talent, and that it could be a really positive thing for society and for the world. 

Who are some of your favourite people?

Eliza was a big fan of mine, and she said, “I know you are gorgeous.

What´s your secret?” 

I think that Eliza is the most beautiful woman I have ever met.

She was just so beautiful.

She had this amazing sense of humour, and I think that her talent is really amazing. 

Where does your favourite movie belong? 

I love movies like Fantasia and La Bamba. 

Do you enjoy the Disney Channel shows? 

The Disney Channel is so good, I love it. 


Because I love Disney. 

Is it a part-time thing? 

Yeah, it is part-timer.

What did you enjoy about the show? 

It wasn’t a show that I was thinking, I thought it would be really great. 

So when I saw that you were going to play Eliza, I knew that I wanted it.

I just thought it was so amazing that I get to be this part of this world.

Did you ever think you would be a star yourself? 

Yes, I did. 

Was it scary? 

No, it was nothing at all.

You just want to enjoy life and have fun. 

You have had a lot of success, have you ever thought about acting again? 


Did you ever want to work in an acting studio? 

Well, yes, of course. 

Have you ever considered going back to acting? 

We are in a different world now, so we are in an entirely different place. Will you