Beauty blogger and beauty influencer Katie Kline is on a mission to bring the latest fashions to the masses.

She’s been featured on Glamour, Glamor, Vogue, Marie Claire and The New York Times. 

Now, she’s back with a brand new video on the website. 

“Fenty Beauty is #2 trending in my country,” Kline says in the video, which is titled “The Beauty of a Beauty Blogger.” 

The video is part of a series of posts that Kline hopes will help educate the masses on how they can get their makeup to look just like the fashies in their Instagram posts. 

Here are a few of the things that make her videos so popular: Kline started blogging in 2015.

She was inspired by Instagram influencers and their posts on the platform.

Kline used the hashtag #FentyFash to promote her posts and began receiving hundreds of likes from Instagram users. 

Klines first post on Instagram was a makeup tutorial video, in which she revealed her favorite products to use.

“It was a lot of fun,” she told Glamor.

“But I also think the challenge was it was kind of just my nature.

I wasn’t thinking about my life.

I was just making it up.” 

But her Instagram post was quickly met with negative reactions from some of the people who were following her account.

“I think the biggest thing I learned is to just get to the point and be the best that you can be,” she said. 

Fenty Fash also inspired her to open her own beauty shop, Fenty Beauty, in 2017.

“The beauty industry is changing so fast, and so fast it’s difficult to keep up with it all,” she explained to Vogue.

“So that’s what I set out to do: to take a step back and say, ‘OK, what I really want to do is to keep growing the beauty industry.'”

She’s not the first beauty blogger to take the time to educate their fans on what they should and shouldn’t wear. 

In 2017, beauty blogger and Instagram influencer Kiki Kringle shared her own makeup tutorials and tips on how to look like Kylie Jenner, Kate Upton, Rihanna, Beyonce and more.

Kringles Instagram page has more than 4 million followers and she’s been making waves ever since. 

For KringLEe, being an Instagram beauty blogger isn’t just about her Instagram page.

“Being an Instagram influence is just about me,” she added.

“Instagram is just an outlet to share my beauty, and I just want to keep pushing it.”

KringLES makeup tips and videos are part of her brand, FIVE, which she launched in 2017 with Instagram influors, makeup artists and influencers. 

 FIVE is one of the few beauty blogs that Kringlees followers can actually follow, she told Vogue in 2017 .

“It’s really easy to follow the fad.

I like to take that opportunity to explain things that other people might not know,” she continued.

“The best way to do that is by having a follower, and the best way for me to follow followers is by being honest and transparent.”

Kringles beauty and makeup tutorials are a big draw on Instagram. 

She also uses her Instagram account to promote products from FentyFashion.

“Fenty beauty is all about the fads and the trends,” she shared in a post on her Instagram.

“And that’s exactly what I’m trying to get across here, with this series of videos.” 

Fifty’s brand has now gone viral and Kringels Instagram account has more over 2.3 million followers.

Kline has also been featured in a number of media outlets. 

Her video for #FiftyBeauty features her in a “Beauty of a Bikini” video, where she reveals her favorite “Fifty” products. 

(This video was also featured in Glamore’s “30 of the Best Instagram Influencers” video series.)

“I just love my life and I love my body and I feel like people can relate to that,” she says.

“In order for me, to do well, I’m going to need to keep doing that.” “

Kringle also shared her advice on how Instagram can help you look better. “

In order for me, to do well, I’m going to need to keep doing that.” 

Kringle also shared her advice on how Instagram can help you look better. 

It’s important to look good on Instagram and to be confident in your appearance, she added in her post.

“Makeup is a great way to