Which beauty school graduate is the happiest?

The happiest people in America have never been married, according to a new study.But the happiest people are also the most likely to be unemployed, and the happiest are the most politically engaged.A recent study of the nation’s happiest people by Gallup found that people with a bachelor’s degree or higher, in particular, have the […]

What makes the sleeping beauty evesters beauty?

You are beautiful, aren’t you?That’s what you have to be to be sleeping with an actress like Elisha Cuthbert.You are stunning, aren´t you?You are a star, aren`t you, you say?Well, you are beautiful because you are so pretty, arenât you.You might have a pretty face, too, but you also have the power of a star.You […]

Why you should stop buying your cosmetics at joejenner cosmetics store

A lot of people think joejaners beauty supply is a beautiful way to save money, but you don’t have to go all out to save on your cosmetics.Here’s why.When you go to joejans beauty supply store in Singapore, you’ll see a lot of bright, cheerful pink-and-purple shades, but there are also some dark and muted […]

How to make your home beautiful, natural, and naturalistic

The beauty of nature is so beautiful.If you can’t live in a place that is beautiful, you must live in the woods.We all know that our homes are built on trees and bushes and we love to be in the perfect spot for our favorite natural wonders.But when you want to make sure your home […]

How do you look like a badass Black woman?

A new study from the University of Missouri-Columbia shows that the beauty world has a way of putting women of color in a box.A study of beauty pageants, which have become a key component of the beauty industry in recent years, showed that while Black women were represented in the top three slots, their numbers […]

Kat Von D launches beauty box that caters to ‘curious and adventurous’ readers

Kat Von E has launched a beauty box to caters “curious, adventurous, and adventurous” women.It will be launched in the coming weeks in the US, UK, Ireland, and New Zealand, with an aim to appeal to “a wide range of people”, the German brand said in a statement.“We are confident that this new line of […]

The best naked women I’ve ever seen

I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty of naked women, and I’ve long believed that they’re one of the best things in life.From the way they appear to be standing nude, to their bodies and their looks, they’re incredibly human and perfect.The thing is, though, they don’t always look right, especially when they’re dressed up.I […]

When the Twins hit the road for a game, how do you keep your brother from doing the same thing?

Twins outfielder Luis Valbuena says his brother, J.D., has never been the same since he became a member of the Twins.On the morning of June 10, Valbuema was driving from his home in Minnesota to Minneapolis when he spotted a car behind him on the freeway.He stopped to let his brother out.It was a family […]

What’s the best makeup you’ve tried?

There are so many different kinds of makeup, but for this article we’re going to focus on three that we love: a liquid eyeliner, a waterproof mascara and a powder eye shadow.I’ve never been a big fan of waterproof mascara, but I really enjoyed this liquid eyeliners from Urban Decay.When it comes to liquid eyelining, […]

How to get the best out of your beauty supply

What is the beauty supply?A beauty supply is a collection of products designed to give a product the best possible outcome.They range from high-end cosmetics to the basics, like body wash, lotion, moisturiser and nail polish.How does it work?Beauty supply companies typically buy online from retailers, where they buy the products for their customers, rather […]