A Stylish St. Patrick’s Day

Let’s be honest, we all like to partake in St. Patrick’s Day. But most of the outfits can be pretty cheesy and not what you would call avant garde or or style goals. No one wants to spend money on some cheesy t-shirt that you will never wear again.

Here are some options that are still festive, but wearable any time and super cute.

  1. Skirt: This satin pleated skirt it so fun and flirty and pleats are so in right now!
  2. Bodysuit: $8 A bodysuit is a staple for me and so versatile. This bodysuit could literally go with any of these skirts or pants.
  3. Black Heels: $19 These black heels are a staple and so chic for spring.
  4. Waterfall Vest: $10 This long vest would look so good with long sleeves or short sleeves underneath.
  5. Faux Leather Leggings: $8 Faux leather leggings are a must have in anyone’s closet. These are such a great price and look just like the Spanx leggings.
  6. Studded Heels: $23 I was so excited when I found these heels! They are such a great dupe for the Valentino Rock Studs.
  7. Hair Clips: $10 Hair clips are such a big trend right now and these are super cute and affordable.
  8. Sleeveless Bodysuit: $5 This bodysuit is so simple and chic, but I love the lace detail on the edges.
  9. Paper Bag Waist Skirt: $8 I am obsessed with anything with a paper bag waist. It is so on trend and so flattering.
  10. Striped Bodysuit: $7 This bodysuit is so perfect for spring. It would look so cute with jeans or a skirt.
  11. Layered Coin Necklace: $4 I have this necklace and it is what I wear 90% of the time! It looks so good with so many outfits.
  12. Lace Sleeve Bodysuit: $13 Can you tell I like bodysuits yet?! lol
  13. Leopard Skirt: $27 Wrap skirts can be great casual or dressed up. They are also great because you can adjust them easily.
  14. Velvet Blazer: $19 This blazer is just amazing in every way and a great transition piece.
  15. Gold Hoop Earrings: $3 No outfit is complete without gold earrings in my opinion. And these also kind of remind me of a pot of gold.
  16. Green Ribbed Bodysuit: $17 And we have another bodysuit! But they are just so great!
  17. Nude Suede Heels: $20 These heels are so flirty and chic and will go with anything.
  18. Hooded Bodysuit: $12 Last bodysuit! I swear! This one I thought would be great with some light wash boyfriend jeans and heels.
  19. Boyfriend Jeans: $19 I am loving the look of boyfriend jeans and heels.

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